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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The forest next door

I've posted pictures of the trail leading up to the Grand Forest before, but that's not the only woods in walking distance from our house. In fact, one of the biggest and most beautiful of trees lives in a woods (Meigs Park) that is just a few minutes walk from our house, much closer than the Grand Forest. The trails are cut by neighbors and animals. They are rough and at this time of year, tall boots are required to traverse them. But it is worth it.

If you were to want to explore this forest, you would...

Take a right at our driveway...walk down a small hill, passed a grove of ashes and cedars.
Stop at the field to listen to water flowing under the road and into a horse pasture. Oh, and make sure you have your walking stick. That's absolutely essential!

Just after the field, you'll see the narrow path leading into the forest. Take it!

Walk on for a ways. The path will widen for a bit, and then gradually narrow again. Finally, you will reach a part of the path that's been reclaimed by the forest as marshland. If you are a wee one, you may turn to your big person and wonder how you will ever get across. Don't worry, your mama will carry you.
It is muddy, but beautiful.
Once you've made your way towards drier ground, you will see that you are no longer walking on a dirt trail. Instead, you walk on a path created from the fallen trees of the forest, which lead you on, closer and closer to your destination.

The way is rough now, but don't worry, you're almost there.
As promised, it is a magnificent old tree.
And what do you do once you finally get to the tree?

You sit on the root which itself is bigger around than most trees you've ever seen.
You talk with your mom about being carried over mud, about walking sticks, lichen, and big trees --everything that is around you.
You listen to the birds and just sit there together for a while. When your mom asks you if you want to leave now or stay for a while longer, you say "stay longer" and so you do.
When it's finally time to go, you cry a bit because you don't really ever want to leave the big tree. But it's okay. After all, the tree and the forest it lives in are only a few minutes from your home.

You can come back tomorrow.


Jessi, Dave, and Alden said...

Simply beautiful.

Meghan L. said...

Pure and sweet, just like Silas.

Randy and Nickie said...

Love the forest pictures . . .a perfect activity for our little "man of the forest".
Grandma and Papa