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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't fear the sweeper

Silas jumped a huge hurdle this weekend. He went from being terrified of our vacuum, to accepting it's existence and being willing to touch it to THIS:
Not only will he now allow us to vacuum while he's in the room, but he want's to help! We actually had to put it back upstairs because he wouldn't stop playing with it and riding it like a car. Hours later he said "Mommy, bring vacuum downstairs!"

This changes everything! Well, okay, not everything, but it does mean we can now vacuum whenever we want, rather than waiting till we're both home so that one of us can take Silas out of the house while the other vacuums. Those days are OVER!

In addition to handling, with greater ease, things that make loud noises, he's also less timid around other kids. One day in the park while he was with his dad, he went up to another boy who was a bit older, but less vocal (according to his mom). Silas, with a big smile on his face, said "Hi! How doing?" The little boy stared at him. Silas stared back. The little boy stared some more. Silas got bored and moved on to the next thing of interest. It was a simple social "interaction," but I'm glad that he initiated it. Even just a few months ago, that probably wouldn't have happened, and he more likely would have been in the other boy's shoes. He still has a bit of the shy-guy in him, but it's much less pronounced, and his introspective personality is balanced with a sense of curiosity and budding ability to socialize with his peers. It's wonderful to watch this side of him develop :)

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thoroski said...

That's really great! Our oldest still yelps and runs for the couch when we turn the vacuum on and he's 5! Though he'll vacuum the house with it... he doesn't like it on if he's not in control LOL.