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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Every kid needs a little pool to make the most out of those unbearably hot summer days, right? Okay, we don't really get many super hot days, but if it hits 70 and we see the sun here in the Northwest, we call that a good day! And Silas is more than happy to dive right in to his new wading pool, whenever mom and dad let him. We got this pool towards the end of my vacation and after having it about 2 days, wouldn't you know it, we had a cold and rainy spell. But today was beautiful, so we filled it up again.

Note to self: Silas refuses to sit down in the pool. Why? Maybe because it's so friggin' cold! Next time, fill it up while he's napping and let it sit in the sun for a few hours. Sheesh!

Note to self again: Placing the pool next to the sandbox presents it's own set of problems. But oh well, sand and water are meant to go together, right?

Here's our little helper, making sure his pool gets filled to his requirements:
And every tiny wading pool should have a gazillion inflatable toys, right? This little thing came with at least 6 of them, I kid you not. Talk about overkill. If we inflated them all, there would be no room for Silas in the pool.

And your weekend bonus pic:
We went to the capital, Olympia, yesterday, just because we've never been there before and wanted to check it out. It was nice, had a good vibe --sort of a cross between Madison and Portland, but a bit smaller than either. But Silas was having one of his uncooperative days, so it was a little hard to do too much. Overall, staying home and playing in the pool today was much more relaxing and enjoyable!

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