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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

12 days old

We are a few days behind in updating our Silas blog. Today, Si is 12 days old. He was up from 5 am till almost 10 am, with just a few short fitful naps in between nursing. I think he is having a growth-spurt, and he had a similar nurse-a-thon on day 10. This is around the time when babies' first out-of-the-womb growth spurt is supposed to occur, so it's to be expected. Day 10 was also notable in that Si's umbilical cord stump finally came off. Woo-hoo! Now mom and dad can try some of those belly massages that are meant to sooth and calm the baby.

Silas and I are still getting our daily feeding routine down. Right now, it is common for him to "cluster nurse" during the day. He will often go back and forth several times before finally settling down for a nap. The pay-off is that he often sleeps a three to four hour stretch at night, which mom and dad just love! Since we co-sleep, I always wake up with him, so there is no crying at night (unless a diaper change goes on longer than he'd like). So our nights are actually very calm and we normally get enough sleep, as long as I can nap with him at some point during the day.

Silas's grandparents left yesterday and headed back to Wisconsin (expect pictures from their time here in several future postings). They helped out a lot while they were here! We look forward to their next visit later in the summer. Hopefully, Si will get to meet his Auntie Jennie and his cousins Adam and Anna, who plan on joining Grandma and Papa on that trip.

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