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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Silas

Silas Bryant-Kunz was born at 11:04 am on Friday March 16th after 32 hours of labor. He weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 inches in length.

Well we didn't quite end up with the homebirth we wanted, but 99% of it did take place at home, so we're okay... anyway, during the last hour of labor our midwife discovered a problem - a not so uncommon problem - but nonetheless Mom had to be transported for the safety of the baby... it ended up being the right thing to do.

We had an amazing team: Peggy,
Anna, Patty, and Louisa, we owe you so much... thank you just isn't enough... and props to the doc's and nurses at the hospital as well.

Plus we want to thank Uncle Patrick, Shannon, Jessica and William, Katya, Jerry, Erika and Henry, and all our neighbors who have been so supportive with all the good food and energy.

So now we're just getting adjusted to being parents,
being a family. More to come soon, including details of the labor and birth, and more pictures of our beautiful child. Stay tuned...


mnmorders said...

Congratulations Amber, Drew and Silas! Everyone at the bakery is sending you love and wonderful energy, and we cannot wait to see you all when Silas is ready to face the world! Lunch is on us when you do come in, whenever that is, no expiration!
Take care,
Monica and the whole Team Bakery!

Kate said...

Oh, congratulations! Best wishes and warm thoughts to you all. Welcome to the great big world, Silas.

We'll see you soon!

Maggie says, in response to "what do you think of Amber and Drew's baby?": "It's good!"


Louisa said...

Bravo to you both. Yours was one of the most amazing labors I've been privileged to attend. I am humbled and grateful to have been a small part of it. I couldn't be prouder of you both! What amazing parents you are!!!
Best love to you both and sweet Silas. I can't wait to meet your little man. I have a (blue) hat for him!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations!! We were just talking about Silas on the way to work this morning--wondering if he arrived.

gemini said...

Congratulations Amber and Drew! I'm so happy for the three of you! Many wonderful wishes and I can't wait to see your little Silas!

Rest well and sleep when you can.


Melissa said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! Welcome Silas! And congratulations to you, Amber & Drew. What an amazing journey you're about to experience. Enjoy and rest. That's all that needs to be done.

That, and letting the rest of us know if we can be of help.

Jessica said...

you three are such a beautiful family.

the moments in these photos are filled with so much amazement and love. i almost cried looking at them, it is all so lovely. thank you for sharing.

welcome silas & congratulations amber & drew!

with very much love to you all,

jessica in california