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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011!

For those of you who haven't yet seen this picture on FB, here it is again: Silas as a wolf in sheep's clothing.  I think this might be my favorite of his Halloween costumes, to date.  I made the hooded vest and ears from the Bainbridge sheep's wool.  It's knit with spun yarn as well as with un-spun batting.  I also knit the wolf-paw gloves, but credit for the mask goes to Drew who cut all of the pieces, and my friend Barb, who sewed it together for us.  Thanks Barb!

We began our Halloween with a video chat with Grandma and Papa.  That afternoon, I dropped Silas off at school and got to see all of the adorableness that is a preschool costume party.

Comparing outfits:

Circle time, in which each child got to tell everyone about their costume:

He might not be a lion, a tiger, or bear (oh my), but I do think you might want to keep your distance, Dorothy!

After school, we headed to the Island, met up with Drew, saw some friends, and participated in the obligatory trick-or-treat madness.  Then it was back to the house to pass out candy for neighborhood nighttime trick-or-treat.  I took Silas to a few houses of people we know, but really, we were pretty tired by then.  Time for this wolf to start counting sheep :)

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Lil mama Karen said...

The costume is AMAZING. You guys always come up with suce creative costumes.
I would not be surprised one bit if you are not already planning next years.
I learned this year after the fact that my 4 1/2 year old was not very happy about this years costume (a monkey). He wanted to be something cool like a cop (which he wears almost daily)rockstar (which he acts out almost daily) or some trademark character (not going to happen) like his friends. So I told him next year we will make his costume together and he was all excited.
You have inspired me =}