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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Tea Party

Thanks to my understanding boss, I was able to "escape" an all day meeting for several hours today in order to attend Silas' preschool Mother's Day Tea Party.

The delicious lunch was prepared by the children. When I got there, Silas led me into the room and right to our designated places (marked by our personalized place-mats). After the main course, the children all brought their mothers dessert, and then helped clean up.
We had a printed menu listing our lunch and tea selection, and on the back were quotes from each of the kids, listing thier favorite things about thier mothers. Silas' read: "I like to play with her. We play the bus game. We drive buses around. She cuddles with me at night." Yep. That sounds about right :)

I was also delighted to receive a beautiful flower brooch that he had made for me.
Thank you for a wonderful early Mother's Day, Silas!

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grandma g said...

Happy Mother's Day Amber! What a wonderful gift from Silas and his mates and what a really beautiful sweater too. We've returned safely from S.C. Love, Grandma G.