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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's going to be a long winter

They said this winter would be harsh, and so far, that's shaping up to be true. Our first snow storm (so rare to have ANY snow in November), canceled school for two days and brought western Washington to a standstill. It has been nice to have an extra long holiday week. And of course, Silas was thrilled about the snow.
I'm glad I finished his cabled jacket in time. It seemed to keep him toasty through the storm. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for our house. As is so common here, we lost power. Walking around town yesterday, listening to the hum of generators and smelling wood smoke, it was pretty apparent: No one had power. Most of the county seemed to be out, and it is nearly miraculous that we got ours back after only 24 hours.
Thanks to our friends, we spent the day in their toasty house, basking in the heat from their wood stove. Sobin, who has yet to show any fondness for our new kitty, has been hanging out in the garage a lot.
Yesterday, we let them in the house together, unattended, for the first time, because I didn't want him out in the bitter cold. Since we were gone most of the day, they had no choice but to work it out without our interference (or Silas doing his Sobin imitation, growling like a tiger and further provoking the already provoked big kitty). While Sobin still does little more than growl, hiss, and mope, he doesn't seem to want to physically confront her. Since he is three times her size, this is a good thing, I think.

I meant to post more about Olive, and I will soon. The snow storm, power outage, and preparing to host Thanksgiving are keeping us pretty busy. More later...

And have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Safe travels.

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