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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A house for Hermit Crab

Well, I'm not keeping the identity of my son's Halloween persona a secret this year. He quite firmly decided several months ago that he wanted to be a hermit crab. Actually, he started out by saying he wanted to be a ghost hermit crab monster, but I think we talked him down to just plain old hermit crab.
Have you ever tried to make a hermit crab outfit before. No? Really? Well, neither have too many other people apparently. I basically went out on my own here, designing first the mitts and then the hat.
He likes to pretend to pinch things with his mitts. He will grab on to my hand, and gently press down, and then say "See, I'm a nice crab."
We are still searching for the perfect house (i.e. shell) for this Hermit Crab. I'm leaving that mainly up to Drew to take care of. We have some ideas, and some time. Hopefully it will all come together by the end of the month.

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Lil mama Karen said...

That is very cute. You do such a great job with the costumes. This year I have used a little of my knitting skills to help create the little ladys costume, but it is not near as cute as yours.
Thanks for the sweet comment on my latest post. I am feeling much better, maybe I will find the time to update the ol' blog soon.
I to am always reading even if I dont comment.