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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Lucky Charm, With Disclaimers

St. Patrick's Day Disclaimer # 1: We are not actually Irish, Irish American, Irish Catholic, Irish Catholic American, etc. The luck o' the Irish is not with us, but Silas is still our lucky charm, and he looked so cute in the St. Patrick's Day onesie that Grandma G. sent to us.

Grandma also sent us this great bib. That's where St. Patrick's Day Disclaimer #2 comes in:
This is not Silas' 1st St. Patrick's Day. He was born on March 16th.
So this was actually his 2nd St. Patty's Day:
But, seeing as though he was only a day old for the holiday in '07, and seeing as though it never dawned on us that it was St. Patty's day due to the fact that we had a day old baby, maybe we'll just pretend that this year was his first. Yeah, that'll do.

And finally, St. Patrick's Day Disclaimer #3: No, Si didn't get that fat lip fightin' over green beer at the local pub (even though he looks like he's been hitting the pubs in this picture. I assure you, he hasn't. Washington State laws are very strict on keeping babies out of pubs). In fact, the fat lip is courtesy of a nosedive he took into our dresser on his birthday. I don't think it showed up on any of his birthday pics, as the wound blended in with the berry juice.

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