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Monday, February 26, 2007

Birthing Tub

We brought a birthing tub home from the midwife's last week. Here it is, the "Aqua Doula," partially set up. This past weekend, Drew and I decided to take it out of it's compact storage container in order to see how much time it would take to put together, and make sure we weren't missing any thing. It looks to be pretty straightforward and quick to set up, but as you can see, it's pretty big. So, we'll leave it packed up, most likely, till I go into labor. On another note, today is my first official day of leave, and it feels wonderful to be home getting things prepared for the homebirth, rather than travelling to Silverdale and spending all day at a computer screen (my time on the computer at home is by comparison, very limited). Only a few more days remain till my official due date of March 1st! No contractions yet...

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Jessi & Dave said...

Cool tub! We are so excited for you to meet your little one!